Coaches Corner

Criminal Records Check - CRC

SDBA takes the safety of our players very seriously. We require a copy of your police information check on file as long as you are working with our young members. Criminal record checks are valid for 1 year.

SDBA has now enrolled into the BC on-line system for obtaining CRC.  Below are all the details:

  1. Please go to this link: 

  2. Near the bottom of the form you will be asked to enter the access code 

  3. This is : 3HJ32SXQ8D (please cut and paste this code to ensure that there are no errors).  

  4. Next select REQUEST A NEW CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK button at the bottom.

  5. Complete all questions asked.

  6. Then submit.


The CRC letter will come automatically to SDBA.

There maybe situations where the on-line CRC system doesn't support your application and a manual check will have to be done at your local police station.  Below is the process for this:


Full information can be found at the Delta Police Information Check page 

  1. Print and complete the Delta Police Information Check.

  2. Fees for this services are free as you are volunteering but you will need as letter from SDBA.  One is available from this link.

  3. Take completed copies to a Delta Police Station - Tsw or Ladner

  4. Deliver an approved CRC via email to the Registrar


Grade 2/3 co-ed                         Tuesday (unconfirmed until Sept)

Grade 4/5 co-ed                 Mon/Fri/Sun (unconfirmed until Sept)

Grade 6/7 boys                          Fri/Sun (unconfirmed until Sept)

Grade 6/7 girls                   Wed/Fri/Sat (unconfirmed until Sept)

Grade 8/12 co-ed                       Fri/Sun (unconfirmed until Sept)



Days above are not guaranteed
Once gyms are secured, the schedule can be confirmed