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Program Details

Grade 6-7 Boys

​$300   |   South Delta Secondary School & Delta Secondary School

Program Description

In this age group we build upon the fundamentals established and applied during the grade 4/5 program. The focus is now on increasing skill level during game play and preparing the boys for high school level basketball. As well, we continue to focus on sportsmanship and successful team play. Players will work in all positions to gain a stronger understanding of the game of basketball, however there is a move towards positional play as individual players develop strengths in specific positions.

To ensure a fair and fun experience for all, this year we will be running A & B divisions within this group. Players will be evaluated during the first few weeks of the season and those with more experience and a higher skill level will be placed in the A group.  


This age group will have one practice and one game per week, with cancelations for statutory holidays.


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